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ceremonies will be held across virginia today on the third anniversary of the virginia tech massacre. on april 16, 2007, a student opened fire on the blacksburg campus killing 32 people before turning the gun on himself. today at 9:30 a.m., governor bob mcdonald will lead a ceremony at the capitol. as part of the ceremony, the bell tower will ring 32 times in remembrance and honor of the victims. virginia tech has canceled all classes today. >>> on the same day as this anniversary, three virginia congressmen are urging their colleagues to sue closing the gun show loophole. the three are pushing the bill that would require private sellers to perform background check for buyers at gun shows. the families of the victims of the virginia tech tragedy are sue you porting the bill. >>> the pentagon is changing its policy on how privately owned guns can be handled at military installations in wake of year's deadly shooting at ft. hood. robert gates is ordering a new policy to cover all branches of the military. he wants an interim plan in place by june with a permanent policy implemented nex
this hour, all the families can do is wait. rescue crews pulled out of a mine in west virginia after an explosion killed at least 25 people. the officials in charge say conditions in the mine are too dangerous. methane levels are too high, to high a spark could set off another explosion to crews plan to drill holes to vent the gas. west virginia's governor reports the first of the holes may not be finished until tomorrow. 18 people are underground, 14 confirmed dead. we won't know what happened to the others until the crews get in. people in charge of the situation said the outlook is grim. the governor chose his words carefully today as he talked about the chances of finding survivors. listen. >> as horrific as the explosion was and i explained to them that i don't want to give anybody false hope, but by golly, if i'm on that side of the table and that's my father and brother or my uncle or cousin, i've going to have hope. it's a very difficult situation. >> most difficult we're sure for families of the miners, part of a tightknit community in the upper big branch mine, a rural area
side, maryland. 39 in springfield and dale city. 37 in manassas. 39 martinsburg, west virginia. when a nice day it will be today. plenty of sunshine today. that's how the irish republican army would say it. 76 degree. >> we have a wrinkle the rush hour. folks coming out of fredericksburg, 95 northbound before you get to -- sorry, north of route 3 before route 17, accident to the left. trackter tiler involved. route 3 to route 1 to 17, back over to i-95. relatively easy. overnight road work, the interchange at quantico should be wrapped up. let's head over to see how we are doing elsewhere. road work on the inner loop. braddock road, few moments ago, flashing lights. they are still out there. >> jerry, thank you. >>> it is now 18 minutes before the top of the hour. why there's suddenly more rest for the weary along virginia's highways. >> search for two missing cousins. why their cell phones could be a crucial clue about what happened to them. >>> a father ar renchlgts cue efforts continue in china following strong earthquakes that struck a mountainous reege original near tibet yester
and yellow lines in virginia. the culprit there? a track maintenance vehicle. its wheels popped off the track, not once, but twice. the first time in crystal city, the second time near reagan national airport. inbound and outbound traffic had to share a rail to get around the vehicle. it added about a half hour to many commutes. >> the platform was extra crowded, maybe 10, 12 people deep from the edge. >> long and slow. >> reporter: what was going on? >> the yellow line was delayed. a lot of people on the train. >> reporter: how late are you? >> about a half hour. >> reporter: fortunately, none of the problems required a major fix. and all of the work was wrapped up at about 8:40 this morning. it should not effect the evening rush hour. from metro headquarters, megan mcgrath, news4. >>> and permanent repairs will be made to the track near the nailer road station overnight. >>> you will have another chance today to pay your respects to dorothy height. public ceremonies are taking place this afternoon, and this evening, to celebrate the life of the civil rights leader who died last week at the
and falls into blue ridge along that creek at highway and back into black mountain virginia. and yesterday, in the same area of southwestern virginia and two eastern kentucky, they dropped 3 million pounds of ammonium nitrate fuel explosives to blow up our mountain. blow up our mountains, 500 mountains destroyed 1.2 million acres destroyed to reach in and in a very effective way with heavy equip and operators, to pull the coal and floated up to the train and destroy the communities in the watershed, to poison the community and the watershed. that and black mountain virginia, where you get your coal, a few years ago a young boy was sleeping in his house, the davidson family, and explosions went off in a night like tonight. and every time i flicked my life which i think what happened on black mountain and came down on my presents from southern illinois and the flat rock plant last into the home and crashed a 3-year-old and killed him. and that criminal activity is not abolished, but it's regulated, today by her administration. and that criminal activity is loaded onto the train and it's not
the showers are starting to creep in closer. and down over parts of west virginia and virginia. we will see the activity building our way going into tomorrow. so get the umbrellas ready. we will see the low pressure push n bringing us the rain. so temperatures right now 59 in baltimore. and it looks like we will see the temperatures back in the lower 60s tomorrow. but we will see the showers sticking around for about a day or so. closer look at more rain for the weekend coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> coming up. speed cameras and speed space. how they could track you. >> good and bad news for european travelers tonight as flights begin to take off again. details of another bigger eas long as emerging however. >> details of google's cyber attack being revealed. >> that volcano responsible for iceland's ash cloud now shows no signs of stopping. and scientists fear tremors from it could trigger a more dangerous eruption at the nearby catla volcano. ten times stronger and shoot higher and larger plumes of ash into the skies. >> great news, however forks airline passengers in europe. air
southbound, things are slowing down from 118 germantown road to 370, no incidents. 66, hey, virginia, heading eastbound looks like your delay between 234 and route 28 and route 50 to 123. 495 in virginia. we take it to the maps and show you the wilson bridge to the american legion. nice, green and clean. we are moving at speed. construction is completely out of the way. 395, it is a slow ride from duke to seminary. all right crossing the bridge so far. back to you. >>> at the top of the hour, we begin with the latest on the crisis in overseas travel. we have learned in the last 90 minutes england will send out the royal navy to retrieve people stranded by the volcano in iceland. thick ash is keeping flights growned across europe. government leaders are meeting to decide whether to reopen air face space. it poses a risk to aircraft. airlines have done tests and say things are safe. they are facing pressure from the thousands of people now stuck in airport terminals for nearly a week. >>> more than a dozen international flights out of dulles airport were cancelled on sunday and will be probably
. >>> west virginia's governor predicts today will be a big day. talking about the search for four minors unaccounted for after a explosion on monday. for the minor's families, hope hinges on his word here. search crews drilled a bore hole and lowered pipes in the hole and banged on them in an effort to contact them. there was no respops, but crews are planning to bore a total of four holes to minimize the threat of another explosion there. they're going to assess whether the air is clear enough to send in rescue crews in the next day or two. 25 minors die in the blast. two others died in the hospital right now. hope is still alive that the four missing minors survived. >> we're hoping that between the 10:00 and the 2:00 we would have more information that would allow them making decisions. once they get the readings and the readings look like it could be good enough for a time period, then they'll be able to plan around that. that was the time we're still hoping between now and 2:00 if the fan gets up, we start getting some readings. they can tell what type of air they're dealing with. a
with the final four and the national championship is set. duke against west virginia last night for the chance to advance. the blue devils downed the mountaineers, 78-57 thanks in part to john shier. duke will meet underdog butler on monday night. the hometown bulldog beat michigan state 52-50. gordon heyward scored 19 points. butler will appear in the ncaa title game for the first time in school history. >>> on the ice, alexander semin scored his goal ensuring the victory. >>> yesterday kevin youkilis hit a 2 two-run homer. the nats fall 6-1. opening day is monday against the phillies. that's your sports minute. >>> we now know gilbert arenas will serve his time at a halfway house in montgomery county. he pleaded guilty back in january to possessioning a gun without a license. a judge sentenced him to 400 hours of community service and 30 days in a halfway house. arenas will serve his time at the montgomery county pre-release center, which allows residents to leave for work or community service. arenas' arrival date has not been released for security reasons. but it is expected to happen soon
asking for your help to find the suspect. he said to be driving a 1999 silver acura with virginia tags, xks-1522. >>> classes will resume at eastern high school in the district after a fire. about 100 firefighters battled that blaze in the 1700 block of east capital street northeast sunday afternoon. the fire destroyed a rubberized roofing material that crews were laying down. investigators say the fire started on the roof of one of those buildings that was undergoing renovation. it appears to be accidental. investigators are trying to find out what sparked the fire. a few workers were inside and got out safely. firefighters were called to this restaurant fire in prince george's county. the fire broke out at the mid-atlantic seafood just after 1:30 sun afternoon. fire and smoke were seen coming from the roof when firefighters arrived. the restaurant was evacuated. no injuries reported. the cause of that fire remains under investigation. >>> we're following breaking news from new york city. more than 250 firefighters battle a seven alarm fine a high rise building on manhattan's lower ea
governor, virginia governor and d.c. mayor adrian fenty will all meet in alexandria. the thee plan to discuss what came out of that meeting later this morning. >>> president obama speaking before a crowd in california. got a little rowdy there. the president stumping for fellow democrats to raise money for upcoming mid-term elections. he is standing beside senator barbara boxer. hecklers interrupted the president several times during his speech some calling on him to repeal the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. >> i'm sorry. do you want to come up here? all right. because can i just say once again barbara and i are supportive of repealing don't ask, don't tell so i don't know why you are hollering. >> president obama's events are expected to raise as much as three and a half million dollars for senator boxer and the democratic national committee. >>> coming up next the president and vice president are heading to west virginia this weekend to help remember the 29 workers killed in the worst mining disaster this country has scene in decades. >>> another round of recalls for to
intensifies for four miners after monday's deadly blast at a west virginia coal mine. recrews are making proing res while families for the 25 killed are making final arrangements. west virginia governor joe manchin telling us rescuers have made a breakthrough completing one of the four bore holes in the area where miners are believed to be. that hole is an exhaust port using high-pressure fans to fill the gas-filled mine with clean air. here's the heart wrenching reality. there's been no response from any of the missing miners as rescuers continue to knock on pipes hoping those miners will reply. we've got big-time team coverage. "american morning's" john roberts live in naoma with the part of this. chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta, as well, medically speaking, could the four remaining miners still be alive? and ed lavandera praying that that answer is yes. john, you actually talked to the ceo of this mine. let's go ahead and listen to his defense as you grilled him on production, profits and mine safety. >> wield disagree in terms of the condition of our mines. a number of
-- pornographers. >>> on the cam tuesday of virginia tech -- campus of virginia tech, this has been a campus to recollect. >> people came to honor the 32 students and staff killed in a campus shooting spree three years ago today. the day included a 3.2-mile run and the release of 32 balloons in honor of the lives taken. >> this school meant so much to lesli. she felt so much a part of home here. >> that is tony sherman talking about his daughter lesli and the high school she attended west springfield. she was among the shooting victims at virginia tech. today west springfield high dedicated its newly surfaced track in memory of lesli, a model student and athlete. west springfield also awarded a college scholarship in her way. >>> democrats jim moran, bobby scott and gerald conley sent letters to urge a bill that lets private gun sellers to do backgrounds checks. >>> another matter now headed to capitol hill is whether to give the district a member of congress who has full voting rights. they'll bring up a bill for a vote next week. >>> and now president obama is strongly urging lawmakers to
the west virginia mine collapse. >>> and, loose nuke. our cameras are there as a top secret team of americans flies in to saveguard a stash of nuclear material big enough to make a bomb. and then, a historic earthquake strikes. it's a "nightline" investigation. >>> plus, royal rumors. exactly 30 years after his parents' fairy tale wedding, prince william may be ready to take his future queen. why a royal wedding may just be the fix to a down economy in tonight's "sign of the times." >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, martin bashir and cynthia mcfadden in new york city, th is "nightline," april 7th, 2010. >> good evening. we begin again tonight in west virginia coal country, where toxic conditions earlier today disrupted the search for the four unaccounted for miners. but tonight, the danger has begun to subside, and a delicate drilling effort resumed that may soon allow rescue teams back into the mine. for the families of the four, the hope may be fading, but as david muir found out today, it is still alive. >> and just assure as death is, jesu
the tragedy in west virginia. we talk exclusively with one family who lost three loved ones. also hear from the owner of the mine. what abo all those safety violations? >>> plus, nuclear fallout. republicans lash out at the president over his new restrictions on newsing nuclear weapons. is a new cold war brewing here at home? >>> plus, flying the costly skies? if you want to carry on your luggage, you better carry some extra cash. >>> and a royal wedding, could it be coming? new signs that prince william may finally be ready to pop the question. >>> well, it is now a race against time to reach the four miners still trapped more than 1,000 feet under ground after monday's mine explosion in west virginia. rescuers started drilling ventilation holes ovnight, some 1,200 feet under ground, where they hope to find the 4 miners alive. it will take hours of painstaking and potentially dangerous work. >> they managed to drop a microphone into the mine. but they have not picked up the banging on the pipes that would signal someone is alive. they're hoping for a miracle. >>> we're also going to talk t
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in a west virginia coal mine has left 25 dead and four missing. while desperate rescuers drill ventilation holes into that damaged mine, the history of that mine is coming to light. a startling number of safety citations, some 600 total violations over the past year and a half. but this morning the focus of both a small town and the nation is on finding those four missing miners. nbc's steve handelsman has the story. >> reporter: as the sun set over the mine, the first holes were being drilled down into the chamber were four men might still be alive. it's a tricky job. >> it isn't as simple as sitting on top of a mountain and penetrate 1g,100 feet and hitting where you want tohit. >> reporter: 25 miners confirmed dead, four missing. could the four have survived? >> nobody knows so everybody's going to cling on to the hope of that miracle. >> reporter: the methane explosion was powerful. the mine has been cited for 124 violations. >> we know it wasn't operating safely, we wouldn't have had a an explosion. >> reporter: local residents are in agony. >> you can't imagine unless you have someon
irene height was born in 1912 in richmond, virginia. but at the age of 4, she moved with her family to ranken, pennsylvania, where she spent most of her childhood. with her outstanding school record and many awards for exceptional oratory skills, she landed a scholarship that took her to new york university and earned both bachelors and masters degrees there in just four years. her work career began as a casework wert new york city welfare department and she soon became an active lead nerts struggle for equal reitz for both women and african-americans. her magazines nat commitment to the fight for equality led her to work for the desegregation of the armed forces, reform of the criminal justice system and for access to public accommodations for all people. for more than 40 years, dorothy height served as president of the national council of negro women. she has received 36 honorary doctorate deees. from some of the country's most outstanding colleges and universities. one of those honorary degrees came from barnard college in new york where she, many years ago, was turned away when
how that will get financed for the future. when we extended the corridor to lynchburg, virginia, we were panel to use equipment that was available, that extended from the northeast corridor to provide that service. but there are areas, as you say, for example, one of the corridors that i think has great promise, is the milwaukee to madison corridor, for example, for the future. that will require the rebuilding of the tracks and it will require additional equipment, and you have a state that's made a strong commitment in regard to that, being wisconsin, and both in terms of equipment that they would buy and pay for, in some cases, on their own, and also applying for and rebuilding the line between milwaukee and madison or at least part of that line, that they own. and i think that's where the key for pria came, that the states would take a leadership role in those corridors for the future, not only with adding packs and facilities, but also with the equipment. we're there to help them. but they're going of to -- take a role in that process -- going to have to take a role in that proc
marks the third anniversary of the deadly shooting spree at virginia tech. the gunman killed 32 classmates and faculty. many of the students who were attending the blackburg school at the time of the attack are poised to graduate next month. the school honored survivors at the memorial site. >>> the son of murdered holocaust museum guard participated in a national day of remembrance ceremony today at the u.s. capital. steven jones jr. was given the honor of holding the light as memorial candles were lit. today marks the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp. world war ii veterans and holocaust survivors were also on hand. >>> investigators say they have developed an important piece of evidence in the murder of virginia tech students, morgan harrington. her remains were found on a farm four months after disappearing from a concert. recently completed testing has determined that a t-shirt found in charlottesville in november belong to harrington. authorities are urging anyone with information in the case to come forward. >>> two georgetown university mainten
our affiliates in richmond, virginia, and tampa, florida. >> florida's coastline gets an unexpected ally in barack obama. >> this announcement came as a shock especially to environmentalists. the president today announced his support for exploring and drilling for oil much closer to florida beaches. >> so today we're announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration. but in ways that balance the need to harness domestic energy resources and the need to protect america's natural resources. >> this map shows you where drilling is currently allowed. this sort of beige area there. the red sections represent the new areas the president wants to open up. as you can see, much closer to florida's east coast and west coast. if congress agrees, oil derricks could go up just about 125 miles off the beaches, down from the current limit of 234 miles. an anti-drilling protest had already been scheduled in st. petersburg. it was sheer coincidence that the president made this announcement today. the message from our gulf coast communities is pretty clear. any risk of an oil spill is unac
virginia. >> and just praying and hoping that, you know, that everything will turn out good. >> and the rescue teams' next steps. >>> and, fresh fruit and its health benefits. the surprising new research. it's thursday, april 8th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. i'm todd connor in for jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> a diplomat from qatar touched off a major uproar on a united airlines flight from washington, d.c. to denver. >> as abc's clayton sandell reports, fighter jets had to scramble. >> reporter: flashing lights broke the darkness on the tarmac of denver international airport, all over an apparent misunderstanding. authorities say united airlines flight 663 was about 40 minutes from denver when federal air marshals were alerted by a flight attendant of smoke coming from a restroom. sources tell abc news the marshals subdued the man who emerged after he allegedly said, "i'm lighting my shoes on fire." two jet fighters accompanied the plane to denver. police bomb disposal units met the plane on the ground. the man, identifie
." i want to get right to this newest attempt to rescue four missing miners in west virginia, because i hate to say it hit another snag. officials say rescuers encountered dangerous levels of gases underground so had to turn back. they delayed their search three days thus far so crews could drill holes to ventilate the toxic gases. the director of homeland security says it will be at least five hours before workers can try to return to the mine. the rescuers are hoping to find the four men and retrieve the bodies, too, of 18 other miners known to have died in that blast. earlier, here's the thing, a woman who lost -- think about this. her son, her brother and nephew in the explosions spoke to john roberts on our sister network, cnn. and says her son left letters for his girlfriend one day before the accident that seemed to have foreshadowed his death. >> if anything happens to me, i'll be looking down from heaven at you all. i love you, take care of my baby. tell her that daddy loves her. she's beautiful, she's funny. and just take care of my baby girl. and said jennifer, i love you. >>
the mine country in raleigh county, west virginia, shook with an all too familiar sound. at least six miners dead, 21 more unaccounted for, and one is in intensive care at a hospital nearby after an underground explosion at the upper big branch mine. at this point even camera crews have not reached the area and obviously we're relying on visual aids and graphics of this sort. the plant's owners massey energy providing no details about this explosion except to say that five trained rescue teams from its company and a second company are now on the scene trying to get to these trapped miners, believed to be trapped miners. the upper big branch, just 100 miles from the scene of the 2006 disaster of the sago mine offer some hope of recovery if there has been survival after the explosion. it has cache's of extra oxygen and air-tight so-called refuge chambers along emergency escape routes that could keep trapped miners if there are trapped miners alive to keep them alive for as long as four days. details are limited at this hour as are illustrations. we'll bring them to you as become availab
rescuers and crews in west virginia are venting deadly gases to rescue operations are get under way for the four minors still missing from the worst u.s. mining disaster in a quarter century. 25 miners died in monday's explosion. massey energy has a wide history of safety violations. for more on this story we turn to msnbc's norah o'donnell live with the story. norah? >> reporter: good morning. today is the day we may learn the fate of those four missing miners. the governor of this state said yesterday that we may know between 12:00 and 2:00 today whether those four bore holes they are drilling more than 1,000 feet in the ground to try to ventilate some of that methane gas and carbon monoxide out, whether that's been successful. it will take the rescue teams, once they determine it's safe, four to five hours to reach an area 20 feet wide and barely tall enough to stand in, that's where they believe with 90% certainty these four miners are trapped. they are hopeful, of course, for a miracle, hoping they are alive. as the governor said yesterday, the odds are long. we heard yesterday
at the west virginia coal mine could have been prevented. investigators say last week's explosion at the upper big branch mine may have been the result of a build up of methane gas mixing with coal dust and the mine saw a major spike in safety violations. 29 miners were killed in the explosion. president obama is now urging con res to -- congress to strengthen mine safety laws to make sure this doesn't happen again. governor joe manchin issued an executive order to halt operations today to honor those who died. >>> and today is the third anniversary of the massacre at virginia tech. today students, staff and members of the community will hold a candle lit ceremony as the blacksburg, virginia, campus where a memorial has been erected to honor the victims. >>> apparently there was outrage in the bush administration showing a terror suspect being water boarded. back in 2005 the c.i.a. director agreed to destroy the videos. apparently white house counsel harriet miers was extremely angry to find out about it. place are investigating whether any crime was committed. >>> well a local school district
and we should see -- you can see toward west virginia, plenty of clear skies. we should be in for a mostly sunny day and warm. temperatures will jump into the 70s and top out in the low 80s. well off to the north and west, the cold front that gets in here tonight, that will give us a chance of showers and thunderstorms after 6:00 or 7:00 tonight and then cooler and drier for the weekend. i'll have more details on that in a couple of minutes. but for today, becoming mostly sunny and warm. breezy as well with high temperatures about 82 degrees. get out and enjoy that one. that's a look at the forecast. let's get to julie wright with the latest on-time traffic this morning. good morning. >>> good morning to you tucker barnes. we have a serious incident up in baltimore, south of town, we have received word that there is a tanker truck partially hanging over a bridge on pennington avenue. which used to be approach to the key bridge, we're told there is a tanker truck hanging over an embankment, sky fox is en route. on the south side of baltimore. not a heavily traveled road b
're discussing the latest on last week's mine disaster in west virginia. 29 miners killed in that underground explosion. the nation's worst mine disaster in 40 years. we'll have the president's remarks for you live right here on msnbc. >>> today is tax day and time for those tea parties. tens of thousands of activists are marking today's dreaded tax filing deadline with hundreds of rallies coast to coast, all protesting big government. in d.c. they're just getting ramped up, starting officially, i think, at 11:00 a.m. our reporter is live at dominico plaza. how's it looking? >> reporter: you have the stage over my left and you can see folks just starting to fill in. we've got the rally coming in less than an hour. and, you know, you see people just starting to fill in. they've got their "don't tread on me" signs and their flags, the other colonial signs and all that. and i have a guest with me here, carol from ocean city is here today. why are you here, carol? >> i'm here because i have children and grandchildren, and we cannot, under any circumstances, sustain the debt that we've got and the
are also following a developing story in west virginia. overnight crews found the bodies of four missing miners at the upper big branch mine. the death toll stands at 29. the mission has shifted from rescue to recovery. steve is in raleigh, west virginia, with the very latest. >> reporter: this time rescue workers could see clearly and when they got deep in the mine they counted 22 bodies, and the four missing miners were among them. they were killed, said officials, by the original explosion on monday. the first wave of rescue workers missed the first four. miner, allen cox, his face still black from today's shift. >> it's heart wrenching. they are trying to do what i am doing, feed their family and take care of them the best way they can. >> reporter: now the remoovl of the bodies and the full investigation. >> the only good thing that can come out of this is educate everybody and put regulations in place to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: members of the extended west virginia family hit by the worse mining disaster in the u.s. since 1970. president obama has promised
's coast. the spreading slick is now slightly larger than the state of west virginia. in a desperate attempt to keep the oil from washing ashore, coast guard officials say they're considering setting fires to burn off the crude. what a sight there. >>> and now here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 10,991 after tumbling 213. the s&p fell 28 points. the nasdaq lost 51 points. taking a look at overseas trading this this morning, in tokyo the nikkei dropped the 87 while in hong kong the hang seng went down 312 points. >>> in today's world, anyone who thinks the problems of a small country halfway around the world can't affect their life needs a reboot. yesterday here in the u.s. and this morning in asia stock markets have been reeling, thanks to the debt problems of greece. stocks plunged on wall street after standard & poor's downgraded greece's debt to junk status and investors worldwide saw their greatest fierce, the spread of european insolvency realized. they were downgraded two notches. the results the dow jones industrial average fell, not
popped up just south of d.c. over eastern virginia. a few wind reports in florida, and also a couple strong storms just outside of houston. so it was a lot calmer severe weatherwise yesterday. a couple areas of storms and some showers in new england. a little area of rain here over illinois, heading for kentucky, and some isolated storms there over areas of just into louisiana, right on the border there of texas. here's that area of rain. this is probably the worst of it this morning. this isn't that bad. just some steady rain heading for louisville this morning, owensboro, and possibly around lexington, eventually. so the forecast today, a little gloomy in new england. especially from rhode island and boston northward up into northern new england where they could even see snow. but overall, it's not a bad-looking tuesday. temperatures a little bit on the cool side in chicago. that's a look at your tuesday forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. you notice there's nothing too dramatic during the day today. the next severe weather threat will come into the midd
read in the papers is that virginia, arlington county are proposing to step up to the plate and they should be commended. now only if we could get d.c. and maryland on board, a lot of the problems would be solved. >> if you would like more information on the hearings go to and click on web links. >>> there are budget troubles for maryland which could mean more unpaid days off for state workers. later today lawmakers will begin debate. it calls to skip cost of living increases, merit pay and they are not asked to shift teacher pension costs in the coming years. >>> two d.c. councilman are entering the run to fill the position of chairman. the announcements come one day after chairman vincent gray announced he will run for mayor and must give up the seat. >>> coming up, we'll talk with adrian fenty about the announcement. >>> and a look behind 3-d television and how it will bring the feeling to your home. >>> and cherry blossoms at the peak right now. clearwaters, great reflection this morning. sticaround for tuckers forecast coming up. ♪ >>> 11 minute
back to >>> welcome back to "world news now." students, staff, and community leaders at virginia tech will reflect on the deadliest american peace-time shooting in history, carried out by a single gunman. >> three years ago today the gunman killed 32 people and then himself. from the abc news vault, world news coverage from april 16th, 2007. >> a lone gunman carries out the worst mass murder in u.s. history. the total, 32 killed, many more wounded, and a nation in shock. >> schools should be placed as a safety and sanctuary in learning. when that sanctuary is violated, the impact is felt in every american classroom and every american community. >> how could anyone do such a thing? tonight, campus tragedy. massacre at virginia tech. >> from abc news headquarters, this is "world news" with charles gibson. >> good evening. it is an act of evil on a scale that we've never seen in this country before. at 7:15 this morning in a virginia tech dormitory a lone gunman shot and killed two people, beginning what would become the deadliest shooting spree in u.s. history. more than two hours later
-founder of and helps people fix their gizmos without going to the store. so he headed to virginia, bought the i pad, took it apart and posted pictures of the insides before it went on sale on the west coast. >>> well here are some other stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. march madness comes to an end. the men's division wraps up with the national championship gave live from lukeal oil station in indianapolis. tip off is at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. >>> timothy geithner travels to india to launch a new partnership on tuesday. president obama announced the initiative back in november. the southern republican leadership conference kicks off in new orleans on thursday and although this event normally receives a good showing from g.o.p. presidential homefuls this year mitt romney and tim pawlenty are opting out. >>> and gates open for the first round of the 2010 masters and all eyes on that man right there, tiger woods. this is his first tournaments since reports of his infidelity surfaces late last year. >>> and an annual tradition and the right to spring. the white h
morning. welcome back. i'm adam caskey outside the virginia square metro station. it's not a bad day in the beltway. we have some cooler outlying areas. it's 51 degrees right here. in stafford it's in the upper 30's. this is a popular family, looking east from chesapeake beach over the chesapeake bay, a few clouds in the sky. clouds will increase throughout the midday and afternoon. 49 in chesapeake beach. today will be seasonable with highs in the upper 60's. morning sunshine gives way to midday clouds. gentle rain showers tomorrow. scattered, light rain. the weekend looks unsettled with cloudy skies and rain off and on. >> metrorail started the morning with emergency track maintenance for red line customers. however, they are reporting that track minutes is complete. no longer any delays expected according to metrorail along the red line. let's take you to newschopper 7. this is traffic leaving lake ridge. 95 lanes are open. its normal volume growing on 95 in prince william and in springfield. >> the capitals have taken a lead in the playoff series with montreal. it was a decision
. as we said in the rules committee last night, we saw luis gutierrez, and others join up with virginia foxx. we had concern on the floor raised by dan rohrabacher and doc hastings, and lincoln diaz-balart, mr. pierluisi, the former governor, and number of members of republican leadership joining in support of this, and the bottom line, mr. speaker, is that we should do exactly what mr. gutierrez argued both in the rules committee and here on the floor last night. now, i have stood in this well repeatedly saying that i could have done a better job. well, i had the privilege of serving as chairman of the house rules committee, i could have had more open rules. i could have had more free flowing debate. in fact i was criticized as this new majority was attempting to emerge to that majority status, and it was justified in some ways. we were promised, though, as i and others were being criticizeds -- criticized, mr. speaker, that we would have an entire new direction for america. there would be an open, free wheeling debate. well, there is no issue where it is more apparent we should have a
will travel to west virginia to deliver a eulogy for the 29 miners killed in a coal mine explosion. the white house announced that the president and vice president would attend a memorial service on sunday. the april 5th blast at the upper big branch mine in raleigh county was the nation's worst coal mine disaster since 1970. president obama has ordered a sweeping review of mine safety records and called for stronger laws. >>> new york martin o'malley is speaking out. the video was released last week, shot during the celebration that followinged a big win by the university of maryland's men's basketball team over duke last month. the governor calls the beating a very serious issue and spoke about it yesterday during wtop's ask the governor program. >> lots of people have seen the video. very few of us were actually there on the scene. but i'm sure this matter will receive the attention that it deserves from the chief of police of prince george's county. >> four police officers have been suspended since this video was released. >>> stay tuned, right now, because news4 at 5:00 begins at this mo
the virginia piedmont and toward the mountains, mid 30s towards manassas and culpeper. the warm spot out along the chesapeake bay and potomac waters where temperatures in the low to mid 40s. sun up at 6:28 and a decent amount of sunshine by early this morning. this afternoon, could see a few clouds developing. a cold start to the morning means a cool afternoon. highs struggling to get to that 60 doig mark. good news is the winds a little bit less breezy. still a chill in the air. >> thanks so much, justin. >>> investigators are searching for clues inside an suv that belonged to a popular d.c. principal shot and killed. a neighbor called police when she spotted brian betts' stolen suv yesterday morning. the xtera was parked near fourth street in washington. the suv had been missing since betts was found shot to death in his bedroom in silver spring thursday night. >> that vehicle belongs to a murder victim, and it was taken from the scene of a murder when mr. betts was killed. there may be some information in there that will get investigators closer to learning who was responsible for his murde
of confidence in the police, they say they just need help. >>> thousands of people gathered in west virginia yesterday to pay tribute to 29 coal miners killed in that explosion earlier this month. president obama promised their families that he would honor their sacrifice by improving safety in the mines. rachel martin has more. >> reporter: 29 crosses, 29 lights, commemorating 29 lives lost and remembered. ♪ stand by me >> reporter: both the president and vice president traveled to beckley, west virginia, to pay tribute to the miners lost in the april 5th tragedy. in a community service full of memories and music. ♪ o say can you see >> all that hard work, all that hardship, all the time spent underground, it was all for the families. and so these miners lived as they died. in pursuit of the american dream. >> reporter: hundreds of people have come here looking for words of comfort from the president. mostly they have come to comfort each other and to share their own stories of loss. jean cook lost her nephew adam morgan in the mine and pays tribute to him in her own way. >> how old was
but only in virginia. president obama's decision to open up offshore drilling is driving a wedge between democrats. senator frank lautenberg saying drilling off the coast of virginia would endanger many of new jersey's beaches, but virginia democratic senators jim webb and mark warner are firmly on board urging president obama to move very quickly to open mid atlantic shores for oil and gas exploration. with us now for a fair and balanced debate, bob beckel. he's professor of advanced political studies at george washington university, he's also a fox news contributor. and dana perino, former white house press secretary, she's a fox news contributor as well. welcome to you both. >> thank you. trace: bob, you knew -- the president had to know which this going to raise a ruckus in the democratic party, right? >> oh, sure, he did. it was something he said he would do in the campaign, but the amount of drills we're talking about here is an awful lot. so the question is politically how does it play out for him? one, it does attract independent voters, but secondly, it will set the stage, i thi
as southwestern virginia is concerned and the national weather service said early reports, wind gusts were from 70 to 80 miles an hour and there is flash flooding. a lot of buildings destroyed and they're saying there were several tornados, not just one in the area in mississippi. the national weather service is out there first thing tomorrow to survey the damage and at that point, they will determine what it was and the strength of those tornados as well. bringing it here at home, let's look at true view. we have widespread rainfall moving in across our area. if you look to the west, that is the leading edge of the storm system and by tomorrow, we are going to be under a slight risk of seeing severe weather and we're going have to stay on top of this. we're talking storms in the morning hours and by the afternoon, that is when we have a chance of severe storms in our neighborhood and we'll bring you another update on what to expect coming up later on. back to you. >> and we'll see you then. of course, we're not finished with the story and you can can stay on top of the latest developments any tim
the mountains of west virginia. that's about it today as far as precipitation. monday and tuesday, looking much better. i think we'll see much more sun and that will warm us up as that high pressure system from the north starts to build on in. the main dominant feature over the mid lack over the next several days. for today, a mix of sun and clouds. partly sunny. a bit cooler than yesterday. 50s on average to the low 60s in some of the warmer spots to the south. sustained winds at 10 to 15. a chilly start at the ballpark today. 1:35 first pitch time. nationals and brewers. if you're heading out, might want to bring the sweatshirt and jackets just in case, especially if you're located underneath the roof there, some of the shaded seats. the breeze might bring a bit of a chill in there will from time to time. monday, up to 64 doigs. another chilly start with temperatures in the thirds and 40s. midweek looking very nice. beautiful weather tuesday and wednesday. mid to upper 60s for the high temperatures. then we're back to the 70 doig mark starting thursday into the upcoming weekend. some rain cha
in virginia that we know of and also a spy who carried messages from london to paris to benjamin franklin and used false heels on his boots to carry the message. washington's deceptions. the one thing i do have to say about washington for somebody who never told a lie he stretched the truth an awful lot. [laughter] up at cambridge when he first six over the american army, they were down 29 rounds her man. nine shots were bad as it does for as the gunpowder in camp. he knew there were british spies going around the american camping so he had a shipment of barrels brought up from providence rhode island marked gunpowder the only problem is in said the barrels was say and. the british spies would go back and report that the americans had plenty of gunpowder and they could keep the cs for a long time. he also did a troop multiplication at morristown after the battles of trenton and princeton the camps at morristown and while there normally putting most of the troops in cluster in houses to keep as many together as you could. washington with the opposite way but wonder to soldiers and a house
are not afraid to recognize -- to exercise them. >> just across the potomac river in virginia, gun owners made a statement and did not have to say a word, but they did anyway. >> i am here today in support of my constitution. >> i think that guns in the hands of trained law-abiding citizens are excellent things. >> they believe washington is chipping away at their constitutional rights. >> we are coming to fire you this fall. we do not want you foworking he. >> for the first time, fireworks were all -- firearms rollout on park grounds. -- firearms were allowed on park grounds. washington's gun ban has been whittled down by the supreme court and the gun-control fight has all but fallen off the radar screen. gratz gun advocates do not have anything to fear right now. they should be celebrating rather than being concerned. >> but these protesters say they are not letting down their guard and not giving up their guns without a fight. once the nation's murder capital has long been ground zero and the fight rages on. >> here is what is coming your way at 5:30 p.m. >> a four-alarm fire over the weeke
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